AP Macroeconomics

0. Commentaries

Commentary Rubric
Sample S & D Commentary

A. Basic Concepts

Commentary Assignment
Commentary Worksheet
Lecture: Demand
Lecture: Factors of Production
Lecture: Scarcity and Opportunity Cost
Lecture: Supply
Unit Plan 2014

B. Measurement & Aggregate Model

Commentary Assignment
Commentary Worksheet
Lecture: Aggregate Demand
Lecture: Aggregate Equilibrium
Lecture: Aggregate Supply
Lecture: Fiscal Policy
Lecture: GDP and its Components
Lecture: Income and Expenditure
Lecture: Price Levels
Lecture: Unemployment Terms
Unit Plan 2014

C. Financial Sector

Lecture: Bonds
Lecture: Bonds and Foreign Exchange
Lecture: Federal Reserve
Lecture: Financial System
Lecture: Investment
Lecture: Loanable Funds
Lecture: Monetary Policy
Lecture: Money Market
Lecture: Money Supply and Balance Sheets
Unit Plan 2014
Worksheet: Bonds
Worksheet: Future Value of Money
Worksheet: Money Definitions
Worksheet: What's All This About the Ms?
Worksheet: Multiple Deposits and Deposit Multiplier

D. Inflation, Growth, International

Lecture: Growth
Lecture: History of Economics
Lecture: Inflation, Growth, International Sector
Lecture: International Finance
Lecture: Net Exports
Lecture: Philips Curve
Lecture: Unemployment
Unit Plan 2014

F. Review

Review AD AS
Review Key Terms
Review Monetary and Aggregate Expenditures
Most Important Graphs of Macro
Most Important Graphs of Micro
Review: Most Important Graphs of Micro